Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day: Truffles and Kitchen Magic

As does much of life, cooking sometimes happens incidentally, through a series of--occasionally unfortunate-- events. Sometimes your fridge breaks and you find yourself stuck with several pints of rapidly warming cream that you just can't let go to waste. Sometimes you end up throwing things in a pot, hoping it all works out in the end. And sometimes it does.

Cooking without a recipe can actually be one of the most relaxing and zen-like experiences. You're not bound by expectations-- fantastically unrealistic expectations based on cookbook photography. It's all about flavor and texture. Discovering what you like and how to make it happen.

Of course, it doesn't always turn out well. Plenty of kitchen experiments result in unsalvageable disaster. But that's what makes the successes so sweet.

So, there's no recipe. Too much distracted kitchen experimentation and not enough writing things down.

It started with chocolate. And cream.

And tasty kitchen magic happened.

They're not the prettiest but they pack a flavor punch. And that's the important thing.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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